Life is an Illusion | English Poem| Abhinav Jain

Life is an illusion,
Always ardous,
leaving the faintest of intuitions.

Days are it's propellant,

They are what on it feeds,
It steals them from the departed,
Only to allow others a little longer to breathe,
No one knows whether they will see the morrow,
Or lament for their loved ones,
But still they fight the fear,
And live it through and thorough.

Time passes by and people die,
But the mystery of life is solved by none,
Bewildering is what some men consider,
Others remain astound,
Some say its exulting at times,
While others grumble about its affliction,

Life is a delusion,
It tests the noble as well,
Passes only the perseverant,
While the lesser flunk,
It hunts us down with all it's skills,
Demanding audacity and bravura,
to let it's prey live,
The diligent get their share of joie de vivre,
While feckless curse the sour grapes in sadness sheer,

Life is an Illusion,
Alluring and new,
Still remains
and still full of hue.